PETER: Wait, one sec. Getting a call.
BEN: Ooh, if it’s Aunt May, tell ‘er to send over more of them pecan sandies!
PETER: No, it’s not. It’s — my ex.
BEN: What? MJ? I always liked her. HEY, RED! HOW’S IT GOING?!
PETER: Ow. She says “hi.”

BEN: So, you and the ex … what happened there, huh?
PETER: Long story.
BEN: Just saying, you guys were good together.
PETER: Drop it.
BEN: She was hot. Had a real girl-next-door thing going on.
PETER: You’re from Yancy Street. Girls next door are missing prominent teeth.
BEN: Y’know if she’s seeing anybody? ‘Cause maybe I could —
PETER: I do not know you.

Amazing Spider-Man #666, Dan Slott and Ryan Stegman.

To be honest, my favorite part of Spider-Island so far is the running Ben+MJ gag. I think they’d make a cute couple! Maybe not for forever, but they’d have fun. Alternately, I really could envision Ben and Alicia trying to get Peter and MJ back together. Also:

MJ: I’ve seen that … you’ve kept yourself busy today. Wanted to make sure you didn’t forget … it’s May and Jay’s last night in the city.
PETER: Carlie and I are taking them to the airport together. Next?
MJ: Fine. When’s the last time you visited Betty in the hospital?
PETER: When did you become my own little red-haired jiminy cricket?

Note that for all his griping, Peter doesn’t actually contest his need for a social manager.

I’m down with a Grimm/MJ romance. If only for the hilarious hijinx, like where Doom convinces Mephisto to try buying his relationship with her too, so he can record Ben punching Mephisto’s chubby Quesadalike face into the next dimension.